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Thorazine is used to treat certain mental or mood disorders.

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Doses: 50mg, 100mg
Ingredient: Chlorpromazine
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Thorazine is a neuroleptic. Antipsychotic agent. The drug is prescribed for schizophrenia, hallucinations, alcoholic psychosis, manic disorders, epilepsy, depression, vomiting of pregnant women, itchy dermatoses.

Composition of the drug: main component: chlorpromazine.
Analogues: Aminazin.

How does the drug work?

The drug has an antipsychotic, sedative and antiemetic effect. Eliminates hallucinations and delusions, reduces restlessness, reduces motor activity,

The dosage regimen is set strictly individually, depending on the indications, the age of the patient and the dosage form used.

Side effects: skin rash, itching, menstrual irregularities, visual impairment, skin pigmentation.
Kidney and liver diseases, severe heart disease, urinary retention, hyperplasia, CNS depression, brain injury.

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