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Pilex improves circulation in varicose veins or hemorrhoids.

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Pilex-drug has a beneficial effect on the walls of blood vessels. Regulates the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, helping to empty the intestines regularly. It contains Amla, a plant that is the richest natural source of vitamin C. It has a beneficial effect on the liver. For best results, combine with Pilex Cream.


Bedelius Indian, Shilajit, Neem, Turmeric, Indian Gooseberry, Haritahi, Vibkitahi, Aragwada, Orchid Tree, Nagakegsara.

How does the drug work?

°Guggul is an herb that is considered an excellent remedy for improving circulation and reducing swelling.

° Turmeric or Berberis aristata is mentioned in Ayurvedic texts as an herb that helps reduce swelling, bleeding and pruritus, especially in varicose veins.

°Nim helps control bleeding, itching, bacteria and is soothing.

°Triphala is a classic Ayurvedic combination of Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) and Vibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica) that acts as a gentle laxative, detoxifying and cleansing agent.

°Indian laburnum or Cassia fistula is considered an excellent combination with Haritaki and Amalaki to help ease stool movement and reduce bleeding.

°Orchid wood or a variety of Bauhinia works very well with Guggul in reducing puffiness.

°Nagakesara or Mesua are used in traditional Ayurvedic remedies to reduce bleeding from the rectal area, as well as in cases of heavy bleeding during the menstrual cycle. This is due to its effect on blood capillaries.

How to apply and dosage?

Initially, 2 tablets twice a day with meals for 7 days. Then 1 tablet twice a day or as directed by a physician for 4-6 weeks.

Where to buy Pilex?

You can purchase this medicine on our website in just a couple of clicks with delivery to your home. We deliver to all European countries (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Norway, Greece, Slovakia and many European countries). Residents of the USA, Great Britain, South Korea and Australia can buy. To order, click the buy button above.

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