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Motilium improves upper gastrointestinal motility disordered in patients with chronic and sub-acute gastritis and diabetic gastroparesis.

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Doses: 10mg
Ingredient: Domperidone
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Motilium is an antiemetic drug. It is used for increased gas formation, reflux esophagitis, hypotension, intestinal atony, pyloric stenosis, biliary dyskinesia, gastric ulcer, increased peristalsis before X-ray contrast examination of the digestive system.

Composition and analogues of the drug.

The main active ingredient in the composition: domperidone
Auxiliary components: sodium starch glycolate, colloidal silicon, magnesium stereate, lactose, purified talc starch.

How does the drug work?

The drug has a stimulating effect on the peristalsis of the digestive tract, reduces hiccups and nausea.
The drug accelerates gastric emptying by relaxing the body due to increased activity of the upper small intestine and antrum.

How to use and dosage.

The drug is taken 20 minutes before meals. Do not chew the tablet. The maximum daily dose is 80 mg. In acute vomiting and nausea, 20 mg 3 times a day is prescribed. The last dose should be taken at bedtime.

Side effects and contraindications.

Side effects: dry mouth, stool disorder, leukopenia, anxiety, fatigue, rhythmic protrusion of the tongue, depressed mood, migraine, tinnitus, drowsiness.
Contraindications: intestinal failure, stenosis of the pylorus of the stomach, perforation of the intestinal walls, epilepsy, bronchial asthma, Parkinson’s disease, individual intolerance, hypertension, breastfeeding period.

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