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Flomax is used to treat Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

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Ingredient: Tamsulosin
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Flomax is a drug used to treat prostatic hyperplasia and is also used for urolithiasis.

Composition: the main active ingredient is Tamsulosin.
Analogues: Hyperprost, Glansin, Miktosin, Omnik Okas, Omnik, Omsulosin, Proflosin, Revokarin, Sonizin, Tamselin, Tamsulosin, Tamsulosin Bakter, Tamsulosin retard, Tamsulosin-OBL, Tamsulosin-Binergy, Tamsulosin-Roslex, Tamsulosin-Teva, Tamsulon, Taniz , Taniz ERAS, Taniz-K, Tulozin, Fokusin

How does the drug work?

The ability of tamsulosin to act on the α1A subtype of adrenoreceptors is 20 times greater than its ability to interact with the α1B subtype of adrenoreceptors, which are located in vascular smooth muscle. Due to its high selectivity, tamsulosin does not cause a clinically significant decrease in systemic blood pressure in both patients with arterial hypertension and in patients with normal baseline blood pressure.

How to take and dosage.

Take inside. The recommended dose is 400 mcg 1 time / day (at the same time).

Side effects: headache, dizziness, fainting, skin rash, pruritus, urticaria, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting.
Contraindications: hypersensitivity and breastfeeding period.

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