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Alesse is used to prevent ovulation as a contraception medication. The drug changes condition of cervical mucus and uterine lining and hampers movement of sperm cells to the uterus and attachment of a fertilized egg to the uterus.

Follow all recommendations of your health care advisor. Take the first on the first day of your menses or on the first Sunday after your period started. If you use Alesse for the firs time you may need additional birth control means. There are 28-day birth control packs with seven 'reminder' pills for the regular cycle. While you are using 'reminder' pills the period usually begins. Breakthrough bleeding is possible, if it becomes heavy and continues, inform your doctor. Take each pill each day about the same time.

When your pill pack is over start a new one. In case of needed medical tests or surgery, it is possible that you may need to stop using Alesse for a short period of time.Intake of hormones may increase the risk of blood clotting, heart attack, stroke, especially in the patients over 35 y.o. or smokers. Inform your doctor if you have problems with heart, blood pressure, congestive heart failure, angina, high cholesterol, depression in history, seizures or epilepsy, diabetes, gallbladder disease, varicose veins, tuberculosis, uterine fibroid tumors, a history of fibrocystic breast disease, nodules, lumps.

This medication cannot be used in pregnant women or those just after delivery, in patients with a stroke or blood clot in history, circulation problems, vaginal bleeding, hormone-related cancer, liver disease or liver cancer, circulation problems, abnormal vaginal bleeding, migraine headaches, a heart valve disorder, severe high blood pressure, jaundice caused by birth control pills in history.

Besides allergic symptoms (hives, skin rash, facial swelling, difficulty breathing) this medication may be a reason of sudden numbness or weakness, pain behind the eyes, problems with vision, headache, confusion, speech, or balance, a change in the pattern or severity of migraine headaches, chest pain or heavy feeling, pain spreading to the arm or shoulder, nausea, sweating, general ill feeling, swelling of the extremities, depression, loss of appetite, nausea, stomach pain, dark urine, jaundice.

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